i need HELP!!

This section is devoted to the steel helmets worn by the Kürassier and Jäger zu Pferde regiments prior to and during WW1

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i need HELP!!

Post by Amybellars » Sun Apr 19, 2020 11:28 pm

Guys I need help on this thing

Bought this at SOS 2020 and one guy told me not to buy it cos it has jzp spike on a kurassier body, wish to express thanks to the guy (if he is a member of this forum) as I know he is out of concern. I was looking at more of the parts from the body but there again, with the matching patina and tight fittings of the spike, I really wonder what have happened to this piece of history

Features :
JzP spike on a Kurassier pot with brass trimming.
Early Heraldic eagle on screw post

Blue steel body or just some aging patina surface?

What have this possibly be?

Amy Bellars

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