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    I'm generally not into imperial paper documents, though like most collectors of the era, I have some award documents, Militärpaß, Soldbücher, etc. I do, however, like to look at everything and I was browsing and found this Militärpaß. It caught my eye because it was from I.R.124, a...
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    Bavarian M16 Enlisted Cap Cockade

    Finally found one and restored my Bavarian Einheitsfeldmütze, whose original one had popped off if it's prongs. Now, I'm happy to show it again. Not an easy cap to find. Chip
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    M15 Bluse - Saxon 22nd Pioneer Battalion

    Fritz, I have just added my photos back into this thread. Imageshack changed their policy and was demanding payment, so they deleted all my photos. No problem, I just upload them to another free image hosting site. Chip
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    War Tubas

    "SM" = Schallmess(truppen).
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    German Gas Mask & Canister M1917

    The materials appear to be late war and perhaps they could be a manufacturer variations due to shortages, but the basic configuration is still there. The M18 masks had a different head strap setup. I think this one is fine and of the WWI period. Chip
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    Kuirassier anyone?

    Hi John, I'd be interested to know how your lance and lance pennant are marked. Regards, Chip
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    I know this is an old thread, but if you could post the code on the left hand side of the "B.D.III" stamp, I would appreciate it. Lion buttons are not unusual at all on 1916 Bavarian clothing items. They were just using up the stocks they had on hand. I have a near mint 1916 dated Bluse with...
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    Bavarian M16 Enlisted Cap Cockade

    I'm looking for a Bavarian enlisted/NCO prong backed cockade of the 1916 pattern with the larger blue center. I have a 1918 dated Bavarian Einheitsmütze, that had this cockade, which popped off the cap when the solder gave out. I'm not sure if it can be reattached without damaging the paint on...
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    Argentine Lance

    Back in the 1980s a local museum got tipped off to a crate containing four imperial German lances, two with brass fittings and two with wartime steel fittings. They had been shipped back to the States some time in the 1920's and had never been out of the wooden crate. The museum didn't need four...
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    Nice setup. How is your tunic marked? What shoulder straps does it have? The only minor comment I would have is that when the German soldier was trained to put his pack together, it was always "Deckel nach rechts" for the mess kit. The lid should be facing the right shoulder. :) Best regards...
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    Seebattalion/Seebataillon helmet plate

    Joe, The white metal eagle in the last photo is the exact same one that I have. Chip
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    Seebattalion/Seebataillon helmet plate

    My white metal example (appears to be aluminum) is of a material similar to the white metal colonial government pith helmet eagles. It has three sets of split prongs on the back, which I assume were inserted through holes and spread apart. The plate, for lack of a better word, is vaulted...
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    JR 117 Officer Straps

    When the September 1915 regulations came out, a handful of regiments were allowed to keep their traditional colors. The 117th was one of these and they retained their blue color as an inner piping to the white underlay (so-called double piping.) Of course, the Prussian flecking (thread) is also...
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    Another Steve McFarland enigma

    A decree of May 1917 provided that all cyphers of hostile foreign rulers were to be removed. I have M15s enlisted straps from the 8th Kürassier, 24th Dragoner, etc. with numbers in the place of the former crown and cypher. There was no 24th reserve dragoon regiment, so that is not a possible...
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    Shoulder board mystery

    Would it be possible to get a picture of the reverse with the straps out of the way so we can see if the pins are stuck through the back? Not that this is a yes or no sign of anything, but it can be helpful in an overall assessment. My first impression is that this is a fantasy piece. One has...