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    Need some help with M1860 pickelhaube dimensions

    Tony, we are here on a military assignment, heading home soon.
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    Need some help with M1860 pickelhaube dimensions

    Guys, About 10 years ago I restored a very sad M1860 Dragoner pickelhaube with silver fittings. It was missing one of the domed bolts from the rear spine, and was also missing the two domed studs from the visor trim. For ten years it has been in my collection without those items. I have now...
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    My JZP's

    Wow, fabulous JzP
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    Trying to get in touch with forum member 'newbe'

    Brian, No need, now in contact. Thanks
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    Fixin Yer Leather Hat

    That doesnt sound right. Should be a set of holes on the visor that align exactly with a set of holes on the helmet body. I suspect that the holes have moved out of alignment. To do this properly, you need to clean out all the holes with a very fine drill bit or similar, then pin the visor to...
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    Fixin Yer Leather Hat

    I have used black linen thread, waxed as Brian advises, on the 4 x restorations I have done and they have worked out great. Heavy gauge linen thread on the older helmets (1 x M1857 and 2 x M1860), and fine linen thread on the M1895 officers helmet. The good thing about linen is that it is very...
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    another melburnian

    Glen, That might be me you are referring to? I was in Canberra for a while, now in Brisbane, but definitely a pretty good collection! Mike
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    Trying to get in touch with forum member 'newbe'

    OK, still trying to contact member 'Newbe'. Does anyone have his email address? Please send via PM. Mike
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    Stirnpanzer for Christmas

    Not an ANZAC in sight there Gus?
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    Atemwiderstand Feldprüfer (Filter quality control machine)

    Wow, a super rare find!
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    The Chauchat, the first specifically designed assault rifle.

    Gus, Beautiful piece! There is footage on YouTube of guys firing their Chauchats. Very slow cyclic rate. Here are my Chauchat pouches....
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    Demag grabendolch / trench knife

    Great find Gus; so rare to find so much surviving feldgrau paint!
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    Superb Preußen Eigentumsstück Jäger Tschako

    A beautiful helmet Tony, as always :bravo:
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    Trying to get in touch with forum member 'newbe'

    Guys, does anyone have contact info for 'newbe', Mark. Trying to contact him regards a helmet. Mike