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    The rifles are Gewehr 88s. The pic is from between about 1910-1914, if I'm not mistaken. The gentleman on the far right was in the German army in 1897, since he wears the Kaiser Wilhelm Centennial Medal.
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    M1860 Pickelhaube Reproductions?

    Yes, I've never seen anything except the crappy M95s coming out of India.
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    M1860 Pickelhaube Reproductions?

    Is anyone aware of any place that is reproducing the M1860 version of the pickelhaube? I've seen the Czech reenactors that do the Königgrätz reenactment with them so I know they are out there somewhere; I just seem to have trouble finding them for sale anywhere.
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    Prussian Guard Inf. EM M1915 Pickelhaube

    Jeez, that 'haube is pristine!
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    Prussian Guard Inf. EM M1895 Pickelhaube

    IR42 is most definitely not a Guard regiment, this is a put-together.
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    Belgium-Halen-August 1914 Battlefield museum

    That battle-damaged Mecklenburg pickelhaube is extremely impressive, I can't imagine that that many battle-damaged 'haubes still exhist in this day and age.
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    What the hell is that thing! Kill it with fire! :o
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    1871 84th Inf Reg Helmet Back from The Dead

    Stunning restoration job. Well done!
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    A relic of the Franco-Prussian War

    Simply incredible! What a find!
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    German "cav" helmet

    The cut-out is all wrong. What a shame. :ANGRY:
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    Bavarian pickelhaube

    Nice Bavarian. I like it!
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    Not worth a penny.

    I'd pay considerably more than a penny for either of them.
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    Strange Pickelhaube.. Fantasy or non german?

    This helmet might have a connection with the city of Nürnberg. I think we can all agree that this most likely isn't a military pickelhaube. As Michel above mentioned, the lion's head chinstrap hangers are distinctly Bavarian. The harpy on the wappen plate also looks almost exactly like the...