German medical collection


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That is a fabulous collection! Amazing that these items have survived for over a century. 👍


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Very nice collection. Ive never seen many of the tiems shown and need to review all again.


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What a stunning collection !! (y) I have always had a soft spot for Sanitäter and priests in wartime..beautiful items and beautiful quality...bravo !
Thank you for sharing.


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Hope I may help you with deciphering. I think the first line shows „Sanit. U.offz.“ and stands for „Sanitäts-Unteroffizier“
I’m not sure with the surename, but I read „Ursprung (surename), Rudolf (first name)“. With a better photo, it might be possible to decipher it correctly.


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Thank you for your messages and to Sandmann for the translation of the name of the wearer of this Saxon helmet.

I continue with these rare legs of "krankentrager" of the 1st Bavarian Army Corps and the 542nd medical company in the 80 DIR from 1917 and still present in the same division in March 1918.



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Nice, I missed out on a very nice German medical officers tunic…. It would have been perfect for your collection for sure.