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Oddball Schirmmütze Kokarde

Post by SkipperJohn » Sat May 23, 2020 4:40 pm

Is anybody familiar with this type of Schirmmütze Kokarde?


It is the smallest of it's type that I have ever seen.
Normally the bent pin, private purchase enlisted, Schirmmütze and Mütze Kokarden measure 20mm, but this one is barely 17mm in diameter.


The inner white ring is just a little over 1mm wide, while the rings on the larger sized Kokarden (pictured left and right) are 2.5mm to 3mm wide.

What research I have done indicates that the sizes of these Kokarden varied by State, but little variation existed among manufacturers:
Prussia: 20mm
Oldenburg: 20mm
Baden: 22mm
Saxon: 22mm
Württemberg: 20mm and 22mm
Bavaria: 22mm (several different sizes and types existed before 1887 when Bavaria started adopting to the Prussian standard)

It seems that all of the issued, sew-on type, were 25mm, regardless of State.

Any ideas of what this unusual Kokarde is?
Could it be a very early one or a very late one?
Could it be for a Kindermütze?

All opinions welcome.

John :?

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