French Model 1845 Dragoon Helmet

List any items that are not Pickelhauben such as swords, steel helmets, badges etc you have for sale here.
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French Model 1845 Dragoon Helmet

Post by Maple Creek » Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:22 am

This is a little out of my normal area of interest, but it was such an unusual relic to be offered, I couldn’t resist buying it. It’s a Model 1845 French dragoon helmet. The helmet was found in an antique store in Mexico City in 1989 and kept by the previous owner until recently. According to the oral history the helmet is supposed to be a relic from the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo. That seems unlikely to me, but it may well be an artifact from the French Intervention period 1862-67.

The helmet itself is mostly intact. It’s missing the plume, but has a marmouset, or brush like device on the top. It also has a horse hair tail which may be original. The fir band is intact and this may also be original. I don’t know enough about these helmets to make an authoritative judgment. I can tell you, however, that these components look old, show honest aging, and I can’t detect anything that would suggest they are not original. The liner is long gone, but the liner band and many of the original interior elements are still present. One half of the chinstrap is still with the helmet. The leather backing is broken in one spot and parts of the chinstrap have been repaired.

I think this piece would be an excellent candidate for restoration. It would be wonderful to see the helmet brought back to its former glory. If desired, I can recommend a top restoration expert who has worked on many similar pieces.

For additional photos see: ... %20Dragoon

moved back to eBay now: ... 1238946884

Here are some things I'm seeking for my collection that I'd consider in a trade deal:

¾” khaki colored, used helmet net for US M1 helmet
M2 leather chin cup – early flat type
Polish and Greek Model 1915s
Turkish Model 1918 full visor
Italian paratrooper WWII
Chinese Model 1935
US M2 “D-Ring” Paratrooper

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