I cannot identify my Faschinenmesser , Can you?

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I cannot identify my Faschinenmesser , Can you?

Post by Riddick » Mon Jun 15, 2020 7:15 pm

Brought this sword a little while back as a named 1855 Prussian Faschinenmesser Sword. Then as winter closed in i decided to pull it out & try & decipher the markings on the blade & one clearly visible marking on the underside of the crossguard. I suspect there is a number marking on the leading edge of the crossguard but i just cannot make it out so will forget that.
I dont see any infantry markings as seen on a lot of these type Fasceninmesser's.
The more i researched this the more confused i have become to its actual true identity. The markings that do show on the sword i have not seen on any other sword except one of them but cannot find any actual information on that mark so i went for trying to clarify what sword i actually had here by researching the the shape/design of the blade & Hand grip.
The sword i have is a 3 x iron peened to tang brass grip and peened pommel top , the blade is a single edge machete style of blade. So armed with this & measurements i came up with 7 swords off the internet that were what i consider identical to mine except for the markings. Problem for me is, of those 7 swords , i came up with 3 differet years & 4 different names.
So back to the start.
I brought this as a
M1855 Prussian Faschinenmesser Sword , the 4 different names & 3 dates are below that i have seen it called.
M1845 German Prussian Faschinenmesser.
M1830 Bavarian Machine Knife. (TWICE)
M1849 Prueben Artillary Faschenmesser.
M1845 Saxont Fascine (TWICE)
M1845 German Saxon Hatchet Infantry.

Now none of the above had infantry markings either , just like mine.
I have included photos of the markings on the Sword & hope that someone here can help me clear up.
1. what actual year & name of sword i have.
2. What do the different markings represent.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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