GRzu P 3, DR 25 and J zu P

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GRzu P 3, DR 25 and J zu P

Post by b.loree » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:09 pm

Another couple of boards from Steve.



J zu P 3,4, 10

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Re: GRzu P 3, DR 25 and J zu P

Post by KAGGR#1 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 3:42 pm

Thanks Brian ;

All the new straps are from the former Zentner collection .
In most cases I was lucky that the straps retained the
I D tags placed on the back of the straps by the collector .

The first photo is of
Grenadier Regt. zu Pferde Nr. 3 ( Dragoon Regt. 3 )
pre war strap with the beautiful rose red underlay
Cypher of King Gustav V of Sweden
Cypher awarded Aug 29 , 1911

The Dragoon Regt. 25 strap is my favorite pattern.
The wider strap with 2 rows of piping .
The original white underlay over the blue that the
dragoons added later.
This wider strap is for the future peace time

The Jager zu Pferde straps are
regiments 3 and 10 which both take the yellow piping
and regiment 4 with the light blue piping .
All 3 have the wide welt piping
J z P R 4 was the last strap of the J z P R that I needed
to complete that part of the cavalry officers straps


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