The flags of the Kaiser Garde Grenadier Regt. 1 / I Batl and IV Batl on parade


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The KAGGR # 1 on parade .They wear the parade miters which were handed down to the regiment by the 1 Garde
Regt. zu Fuss after they received their new silver front miters .To the left is the flag of the I Batl. with the special
" Dresden " parade banner .The flag has a Colburg 1807 banner made into the flag body .The pole top is an 1813 Grand Cross
of the Iron Cross . The flag was replaced in 1900 .Next is the flag of the IV Batl which was given on 1894 . The IV Batl has a cyphered
pole top . All 4 Batl flags of the regiment were looted by the Russians after WWII and taken to Moscow where they were trooped in their Victory Parade .
KAGGR 1 flags of I B  IV B.jpeg


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The I Batl of the KAGGR # 1 was formed on 1814 .For the 100 year Anniv. of the regiment
on 1914 a special Sakular Parade Banner was awarded to the flag .I have this Sakular banner in my collection .
The II Batl . was raised by drawing troops from Grenadier Regts. 1 and 3 so they were allowed the tradition
of these two regiments and their Sakular Parade Banner carries the dates of 1655 and 1685 .This Sakular
Banner is also in my collection
SteveGarde Grenadier Regt 1  Sakular flag streamers  I and I I Batl.jpeg
Sakular G G R 1  a.jpeg

Neil Young

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Steve, I am totally amazed at the apparent extent of your collection. You have let us peek in a few times but from what you have shown, I'm betting that your collection is awesome. Thank you.


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Fortunately, I have met with Steve on several occasions at the SOS. He is a true gentleman of the South and always stops off at our tables to show James and I his latest finds. Most times we are left shaking our heads, never seen that before, where did he find that?? Indeed, he has an awesome collection.


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Thanks to all
Neil ;
Remember you are in for a visit the next time that you are in my area .