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Replacing Photo Bkt. Photos

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:15 pm
by b.loree
As promised, I have been spending some time reposting photos destroyed by the Photo Bkt. disaster. I spent some time today replacing pictures in the Humble M91 Side Post thread ,Officer Liners and a few days back the Kokarden thread. I have been posting using our site as the host. I have found that as a result of recent changes made by Tech Support, I have no problems/frustrations while doing this. I would encourage all of our older members, when they have time, to go back in and replace lost pictures. On this forum, we have created an incredible English speaking pickelhaube reference resource. Unfortunately, a few years back the integrity/completeness of our site was broken by the STUPIDITY of PHOTOBUCKET. In future, I will try to repair as much as I can and use this site to host my pictures. When the time comes down the road, I will try and make arrangements so the forum continues despite any health/age problems that may come my way. Fortunately, so far I have been blessed with good health. :thumb up: