Freebie Helmkoffer Re-visited

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Freebie Helmkoffer Re-visited

Post by kaiserzeit » Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:51 pm

Greetings All!

In the first go 'round we found out that mailing from Western Canada to France is atrociously expensive so that home didn't work.

Tony S. is still hanging back in case there is a newcomer out there who needs one. Really any new(ish) collector who doesn't have a Pickelhaube case is welcome.

Its most likely home will be here, in North America. Collectors from Europe, Australia or whereever are welcome to put their hands up but, I warn you, Canada Post has some very fancy ideas about what the postage should cost.

To recap, the koffer is not in perfect shape, but it's not in bad shape, either. Missing its external leather straps and some of the leatherette covering on its base-ring. Its innards are in good shape.

It will go to the first taker simply for the price of postage and $5 towards packaging. That's it, no strings (pardon the pun).

If this helmkoffer is for you, please contact me at:

[email protected]


Anybody who likes beer and pickelhaubes can't be all bad.

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