Genius Prussian Pickelhaube for Generals

List any Pickelhauben or parts you are selling here.

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Genius Prussian Pickelhaube for Generals

Post by Emmerich » Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:41 pm

May I offer FOR TRADE ONLY a genius Prussian Pickelhaube for Generals named with perfcet provenience and field cover; it is an untouched piece of history. The piece has never been in the market before. So please respect, that I only will give full information after getting pictures of trading objects.

I am looking for Austrian Military from the Empire:
- orders, awards, headgears, documents, sabers, uniforms

Specially the thematic of the "KuK Kriegsmarine"

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards
Emmerich from Austria

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